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Oscar Brugmann Sand & Gravel, Inc. was founded in 1929 by Oscar Brugmann with the encouragement of his wife Sally. He gained much knowledge from his startup company, Hudson Sand & Gravel which was located in Streetsboro, Ohio in the mid-1920s. Oscar, an entrepreneur of his time, had great vision for his future in mining. He invested in property in Mantua, Ohio which is a small town in Portage County that is very rich in aggregate deposits.

In 1929, ground was broken at the first mining location on Mennonite Road in Mantua, Ohio. This one man operation consisted of very little equipment and one single-axle truck to make deliveries. Eventually, Sally joined the business and handled the day to day office operations. A few employees were eventually hired. Oscar and his men would take time manually building equipment to separate material and eventually put together their first dragline. Oscar was joined by his sons, Roy and Sonny, and his son-in-law, Don in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Business continued at this location until the mid-1960s.

Mining at our 2nd location then commenced across the street. Slowly adding additional earth-moving equipment and processing plants, business continued. Oscar and Sally's daughter, Olga, joined the family business in 1969 where Sally trained her to take her position in the office.
Oscar and family added concrete to their repertoire. This part of the business lasted nearly 20 years and was later revived in the 1990s. During this period, Oscar had the foresight to continue buying property for future mining, knowing that it would be hard to come by in years to come.

3rd generation and 3rd location. It was 1973 when mining was underway at our current location off of Dudley Road in Mantua, Ohio. As the eighties approached, the 3rd generation became an integral part of the family business. Alan, Jeff, Todd, and Tom were learning the business and in the meantime, the company was investing in upgrades in equipment, processing plants, and even delivery vehicles. The commercial and residential construction boom of the 1980s was continually increasing business for Oscar Brugmann Sand & Gravel, Inc. This trend continued through the following decade and in 2000, our first dredge was purchased and assembled. This has allowed the company to mine as much material as possible off of the existing property.

We are currently operating two dredges as fourth generation family is joining the business. Stop in to check out our operation and our wide variety of products for your next project.

Our Team

Alan Brugmann



Jeff Van Auken

Vice President


Todd Brugmann

Vice President


Tom Van Auken

Vice President


Danielle Taylor

Chief Financial Officer


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